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Invisible Auto Body: We Offer Trustworthy Collision Repair
For over 30 years, Invisible Auto Body has provided helpful auto body repair estimates for collision repair customers throughout Mesa and Tempe, Arizona. Contact us today and let us help you get back on the road faster, at prices you can afford.

Why Choose Invisible Auto Body?
All our technicians go through comprehensive training and are certified to do repairs on domestic, Asian and, European makes and models. We only install OEM factory parts during repairs, and also use Diamont paint. This high-end brand is backed by a lifetime, nationwide warranty for your peace of mind.
Our commitment to properly trained technicians and high quality products allows you to feel confident your repairs are being handled by a team who’ll do the job right the first time, and that the workmanship will be dependable.

An Innovative Way To Evaluate Damaged Frames
Frame damage is very common, even after relatively minor collisions. We use the Genesis Frame Measuring System to create detailed before-and-after printouts that make it easy to see what your vehicle’s frame should look like after we’ve finished working on it. Let us show you how this state-of-the-art tool helps us do great work for every collision repair client.

A Functional, Blemish-Free Vehicle
Ask us to provide reliable auto body repair estimates for other services, too. We can replace chipped windows and deployed airbags, while also performing paintless dent repairs or enhancing your car with a coat of fresh paint or custom graphics.

Even the smallest accidents can cause problems that could interfere with your car’s operation or appearance. Don’t take chances and try to go back on the road after an accident without first consulting our experts at Invisible Auto Body.

People in Mesa, Tempe and surrounding communities in Arizona trust us for affordable and comprehensive repairs. We’re looking forward to meeting your needs as well.